Over 50 Golf Bucket List to Ireland with your buddies!

You are looking to the big 50 express train coming right at you, a dim light in a tunnel that is growing bigger.  Get off the tracks and get a few tickets to paradise.  Loosely translated : Rally the crew, get off your ass, stop procrastinating and let Paddy plan you next bucket list golf trip to Ireland. For the cost of a weekend at the Jersey Shore with a few lads, you could have played some of the best golf courses on earth. Check out Old Head Here, Paddy’s family home for 4+ years ago.  Top ten golf courses in the world voted by Golf World.  Find out what other group are saying about their Paddy the Caddy experience, we make the journey so personal, filled with surprises that only a man like Paddy can make come true. God Bless and Happy Christmas to all. Cheers Paddy Spellman Making dreams come true since 1963!