Holiday Golf Gift – What to get the Golfer in your life?

When you think about gifts for that golfer on your list, what you you think of?  The Holiday golf gifts most people think of are new clubs.  But that is very personal to the golfer and he or she needs to check out dozens of clubs and test them and be fitted, so maybe scratch that off the list.  A foursome at a local club? That’s getting better, but they can go to a local club anytime.  Then there is a gift card to a golf superstore.  That’s nice, but it’s a bit impersonal/  So what can you do to REALLY make their day?  A golf trip to Ireland or Scotland booked through Paddy the Caddy!

The Ultimate Holiday Golf Gift

Can you imagine the look on the face of the golfer in your life when they found out you booked them a golf vacation through Paddy the Caddy?!  It will be a tough gift to top, for sure!  There is a connection to the game that is like nothing else when you experience [playing in Ireland and Scotland.  That connection runs through the very fibre of your being.  You are connected to the hills, the grass, the soil.  You are connected to the wind and the sun.  The sky.  You are connected to the people who grace those lands.  The pubs, the shops, the Inns, the small towns and the charm.  The experience AS A WHOLE is what sets Paddy the Caddy apart from other booking agencies.  Anyone can reserve a tee time and a hotel.  It’s a special group, who can book the experience.  At Paddy the Caddy, we connect you to the most spirited folks you will ever meet!  Memories, which will last a lifetime and new friendships forged.

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