I’m dreaming of my next return to Ireland.  My second home.  The fertile land, the people.  The amazing scenery…and the golf!

18th @ Old HeadIreland boasts some of the World’s greatest tracks and I have played them all.  But for me, the golf is just a part of it.  The real experience lies in the stories.  The people I have met in my extensive travels make these trip so very special.  Laughter, new friends, superior accommodations, libations and an acceptable amount of truth stretching all complete the experience!

I am formally launching Paddy the Caddy – a full service golf tours company, focusing on Ireland and it’s beautiful courses.  Travel with us and you will not only experience great golf, but you will be immersed in the culture and come away with some incredible memories.

Contact us today at info@paddythecaddy.com to book your next getaway!


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