Last weekend was like any other summer holiday. Rich Kelly and I, traveling over the boarder to play golf in the Matt Stairs Charity Golf outing.  This event did not just happen by mistake but by a challenge given to us by our home run hero. About a month ago Matt Stairs was guest bartending @ 2312 Garrett Road. Rich and I attended with our lovely wives and we had a great time.  During our conversation with one of Phillies finest, I let Matt know I did not see or hear of his famous home run.  Matt was a little taken back and shocked.  Matt realized that Rich and I were joking. Matt followed up with “ you guys look like golfers,do you play?” “We attempt to play what looks like golf.” Lots of laughter followed and then Matt challenged Rich and I to Play in his charity outing.

Rich Kelly & Paddy

Rich Kelly & Paddy

Before we even realized where the tournament was Rich and I were all in.  Matt was thinking this was all bullshit but you know us Philly guys we did not let our town down. After a 2 hour flight to Bangor, Maine, rent a car and drive across the boarder into the Atlantic time zone.  Bangor was leaving just a 2 hour ride to Fredricton, New  Brunswick, Canada, our adventure had only begun.  Matt Stairs is a home town hero who never forgot where he came from (one of the friendliest towns I was ever visited).  Rich and I were treated like celebrities with interviews and pictures in the local paper calling us bar owners? LOL, The banquet and auction was held the night before the golf and just by the luck of the draw Rich and I sat with a father and son. Bill and Chris Hotchkiss were great guys and our conversation was mostly NHL hockey. The guest speaker was a local boy and NHL star (St Louis blues)Jake Allen was having a round table discussion with Matt which covered humble beginnings for Jake who was sleeping on the floor of the hotel on every away game.  It was two local boys having chat. This was really cool and Matt gave Rich and I a shoot out for coming so far.

We were blessed to meet Bill Spaceman Lee one of Major League Baseball biggest characters.  Bill Lee is a bat maker, wine producer, candidate for Governor of the state of Vermont, major motion picture of his life story being released this week called Spaceman, and total crazy man.  Our first day Rich and i warmed up with the 9 hole executive course at Kingwood and was joined by Bruce Newman (retired PM and artist). On the day of the tournament it looked like we would not play at all.  In Philadelphia we would call this a category 2, but in Canada it was a great day!

Matt Stairs' World Series Ring!  (On Paddy's Pinky!!)

Matt Stairs’ World Series Ring! (On Paddy’s Pinky!!)

Rich and I were joined by two local men Michele and Gregg.  After the first hole where we hit into the group in front of us, we became instant friends. Our foursome both Love the Broad Street Bullies and our round of golf looked more like Happy Gilmore then a friendly fund raiser. Most of our stories from this weekend will remain in the brightest corners of our minds but this give you just a taste of how personal Paddy the Caddy Tours can be.
Enjoy the pictures and I hope to hear from you soon.


Paddy the Caddy