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Golf Getaways to Ireland- Royal County Down

Golf Getaways to Ireland with your favorite foursome

Pat Welde's 50th Birthday in Ireland

A Golf Getaway to Ireland with Lifelong Friends

Are you looking to plan the ultimate goal getaway to Ireland and play where Rory, Graham and Padraig played?   Look no further than Paddy the Caddy .  With Paddy you not only play the best course but you become emerged in the culture.  Paddy spent years as a player, caddy and tour guide.  A golf trip to Ireland or Scotland for many is a once in a life time experience , bucket list kind of thing!  Make sure when planning this trip you get the whole experience. Paddy’s team will find you the best accommodations, golf courses and pubs with entrainment with a personal touch. Paddy has boots on the ground personnel in Ireland to support your every need.  The relationships, the experience, friendships and “street smarts” ensures you are not taken for a ride when taken on your trip.

Plan your trip

Let Paddy “carry your bag” when planning your trip.  We will ask you questions about the type of course you like to play, your index, your budget and sightseeing, biking , hiking or golfing.   We will match you with ideal accommodations and should you choose to imbibe, then you will find yourself in the finest pubs.  At Paddy the Caddy, no two trips are the same. The time we take planning your trip guarantees the best experience while you are on your trip.  There really is a difference with Paddy the Caddy!

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Happy Christmas!  -Paddy

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Holiday Golf Getaways to Ireland