The “Paddy the Caddy” experience is centered around the golf, yes, but the memories you have of your trip won’t be defined by the time you holed-out from the trap, but rather by theaug20_coyne2_299x374_1 interactions with the local people, the pubs, the countryside and new friendships.  Here are some excerpts of Paddy’s adventures:

In the winter of 2005 my wife and I moved the whole bloody family to Ireland. My bride had been given an opportunity of a lifetime and we went for it.  Landing in the great town of Kinsale, County Cork Ireland on December 31, 2005. Some people have mid life crises while I had a mid life relocation. This was a chance to reinvent myself just one more time, so I returned to my childhood days and became a caddy @ Old Head Golf Links. I have caddied for a U.S. Senator, NFL Linebacker and Notre Dame great, an NFL owner, Golf’s greatest designer of the 20th century, a U.S. Olympic Gold Mentalist and an Irish Golf Rider Cup player & Vice Captain.

OldHeadRazorEdgeSullDuring my time here in Ireland My family and I met the new US Ambassador of Ireland Dan Rooney. In 2008 writer Tom Coyne wrote about many of my adventures while playing all the links courses in Ireland. This book is called “A Course Called Ireland” and went on to become a New York Times Best Seller. These are some of the many experiences that inspired me to create Paddy The Caddy Golf Tours.

– Cheers,  Paddy

A book about life that inspired all:  “A COURSE CALLED IRELAND”  BY TOM COYNE  featuring Yours Truly!