Plan a Golf Trip to Ireland and your dreams will come true!

Winter is really trudging on.  Here in our home base of Pennsylvania, that blasted groundhog ordered up six more seeks of winter!

But our beloved Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl, so who cares if we are cold right now!  But now it is time to turn our thoughts to the Spring.  And with the Spring comes GOLF!  And as long as we are dreaming of Golf, why not consider your dream golf vacation?  That’s right – a golf trip to Ireland!

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Golf Tours of Ireland


At Paddy the Caddy, we will ensure that you have the best possible golf experience possible.  That word again – “Experience”! It works a couple of ways.  One, Paddy has years of experience providing golfers with not only the best golf that Ireland has to offer , but also ensures the best all around experience!  Paddy’s crew  guides you on scenic tours that are off the beaten path.  You will meet some true characters who are indicative of the culture.  Dine in the finest Inns and drink in the warmest Pubs.  You will be immersed in the culture.

The “Paddy the Caddy” experience is centered around the golf, yes, but the memories you have of your trip won’t be defined by the time you holed-out from the trap, but rather by the interactions with the local people, the pubs, the countryside and new friendships.  Why wait?  Start planning your trip now.  Call your friends.  Gather up a foursome.  Bring your spouses.  Bring your kids.  It’s easy to say “Maybe next year” or “Hopefully someday”.  But wouldn’t you rather make memories now, which you can share and relive in stories for years to come?  Life is fleeting.  Time is finite.  Go now.  Make those memories with your friends and family.

For booking information, call Paddy today at  (855) IRE-GOLF or email us by clicking HERE.

Sweet Dreams!