Christmas has come and gone and you didn’t get that golf trip to Ireland…again!!

But all is not lost.  You had a wonderful Christmas with your Family.  You got your wife a diamond necklace, a day at the Spa, some cash and a new coat.  Your Oldest Son got skis, new tires for his car, some cash and an Official NFL Jersey.  Your daughter got the latest smartphone, cash, gift cards to her favorite clothiers and tickets to see her favorite Country Music star.  Your youngest Son got a new Video Gaming Console and controllers, games, tickets to a hockey game and an official NHL “Sweater” and – of course – cash.

You got a tie.  And yes – it went like this:  “Merry Christmas Dad!  We love you!  We all chipped in and got you this!”

Here’s the tie.

a tie is not a golf trip to Ireland.

NOT a golf trip to Ireland.

You say.  “Gee”  “Thanks EVERYONE.”  You REALLY shouldn’t have.  Then you say this looks a lot like the tie they got you last year.  But then your wife explains how “that was a green tie with blue stripes and THIS is a blue tie with green stripes.  They are completely different.”  Here is a picture of last year’s tie:

A tie is not a golf trip to Ireland.

Also not a golf trip to Ireland.

So after a few eggnogs you reach a moment of clarity.  You go to your Computer and log onto to check out their golf packages.  You then call your three best golfing buddies and ask them what color their ties were.  Then you all decide to give yourselves a little Christmas gift – a golf trip to Ireland!  You go and have the time of your life.  You send your family a card from Ireland explaining how you returned one of the ties and used the money to partially fund your trip and then you thank them for their generosity.  You send them a picture of you and one of your buddies getting ready to tee off.  Life is good.  Merry Christmas to you.  And oh yeah, nice tie, my friend.


Golf Trip to Ireland and a spiffy tie!